Sustainable development

Our mission

Bringing technology into lives, we give people the gifts of time and inspiration. We build the future to be proud of.
Sustainability is becoming a key part of our corporate culture and business model, gaining truly strategic importance.

In early 2021, we adopted a sustainability strategy, setting specific goals to create value for partners and society and to reduce the negative environmental impact of our operations and the entire consumer electronics sector. Our social and environmental initiatives have already won broad public recognition, and we intend to continue our efforts in this area while also developing new products to achieve our strategic goals.

Our priority UN Sustainable Development Goals
Facts and figures
913,7 t
USD 556,600

16,2 mmt of
CO2 equivalent
Total GHG
86% for M.Video
73% for Eldorado
Facts and figures
125 employees
Number of
with disabilities
Share of women
in leadership positions
M.Video’s Smart Recycling
Fully controlled recycling program aims to reduce e-waste and promote the principle of conscious consumption.
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Eldorado’s Green Recycling
Eldorado urges to treat e-waste responsibly and contribute to the protection of the planet.
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Important Things Grant Contest
By providing aid in the form of household appliances and electronics, we want to give what matters most: time, comfort, and a better life for families with children and vulnerable people.
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The Adventures of Electronics
An awareness raising project for schoolchildren about e-waste consciousness and disposal practices.
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The Charity Foundation Beautiful Children in a Beautiful World
The Beautiful Children in a Beautiful World CF helps children with maxillofacial pathology and helps to preserve our natural heritage - the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries of Russia.
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As the leader of the Russian consumer electronics retail, we are aware of our responsibility and are committed to a sustainable approach in every realm, from corporate governance and our own operations to workplace and community relations.
This is important for our customers, employees, and partners, as well as for the environment and society at large. This is vital for our common future!
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