In 2021, we launched Important Things, a grant contest for Russian non-profits that support disadvantaged families and young adults leaving orphanages.

one in five children in Russia live below the poverty line


of children lose their family as a result of financial distress

< 1%

of children in social institutions are full orphans


of children placed into dedicated social institutions come from families with three or more children

RUB 7,093

is the average monthly per capita income in a low-income family with three or more children


of families with children cannot afford durable goods


people leave orphanages and foster families annually

Important Things are our contribution to creating a framework for charitable assistance. We believe there is help that many disadvantaged families can benefit from. Instead of thinking about household chores, they can spend time with kids or learn new useful skills. By providing aid in the form of household appliances and electronics, we want to give what matters most: time, comfort, and a better life for families with children and for those who have just left orphanages.

Concern for everything we do is our core value. In 2020, we saw just how vulnerable we are. Care for the health of our loved ones, inability to stay close, economic turbulence, and changes in the ways of life we were used to – all this brought the family concept to the fore. It is only through joint efforts that we can drive systemic changes and support those who currently need it most. And this is what the Important Things contest is about.
Alina Ryzhenkova
HR Director