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M.Video-Eldorado Group is the leader of the Russian consumer electronics retail. With two leading retail brands (M.Video and Eldorado) under our umbrella, we run the largest online platform selling consumer electronics and operate a network of more than 1,000 stores across Russia from the Kaliningrad Region to the Kamchatka Territory.

In the new world of online retail, we seek to lead the charge by pioneering innovations and spearheading digital transformation. We are shaping a new kind of customer experience with a focus on mobile traffic and offer our customers a variety of convenient formats and tools to purchase goods. This helps us to build an integrated service landscape combining the best of offline and online shopping.

The Group pursues the ONE RETAIL business model, which uses a shared online platform to bring together all customer touchpoints (website, apps, stores) easily accessible via a smartphone. Under this model, stores serve as the perfect complement to our online infrastructure. Their role may change as they can be used as premises housing stock for the fast fulfilment of online orders, a show room for new technologies or an interactive warehouse for those who want to minimise contact when buying products. We plan to further develop the Group’s ONE RETAIL model by enhancing our online presence supported by the offline retail network.


Top 10 Global consumer electronics retailers

Owing to both M&A activity and organic growth, the Group has been able to ensure strong earnings growth momentum and in 2019 ranked among the 10 largest publicly traded retailers in its segment globally, with revenue of USD 5.6 billion.

Russia's largest e-commerce player in consumer electronics

We are the largest e-commerce player in Russian consumer electronics universe with total online sales of RUB 144 billion in 2019.

Russia CE online market

Growth strategy and full business digitalisation based on two leading brands

The Group’s updated 2022 strategy aims to assert leadership in the Russian market with a share of over 30%, maintain EBITDA margin above 6% and offer the best-in-class customer experience powered by the ONE RETAIL model with its focus on full digitalisation of business processes and customer experience, blurring the line between online and offline shopping, and ensuring service accessibility via smartphone.

The Group brings together two well-known retail brands – M.Video and Eldorado. Each of them has its own target audience, customer communication tools and marketing strategy, which helps maximise customer outreach in terms of both geography and consumption models.

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Extensive retail network across Russia

As of the end of 2019, the Group managed 1,037 stores in 252 cities across Russia. This extensive retail network is the key element of the consumer experience and an important driver of online business growth.

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