Our sustainability strategy



We start with ourselves to make the world a safer and more sustainable place. We reduce our environmental footprint by optimizing our own operations and supply chain.

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We invest in people by helping them achieve better results and creating a safe and comfortable working environment. We stick to the sustainability principles all along the customer journey and leverage technology to improve life and make a significant impact on social development.

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We integrated our commitment to responsible business practices into our OneRetail strategy, risk management processes and corporate governance framework.

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Our public goals and commitments

Fostering a circular economy and waste management

Increasing e-waste collection and recycling to 10 ktpa
Rolling out the e-waste recycling program across 100% of our regions of operation
Expanding the audience of our circular economy programs to at least 10 million people
Achieving an 85% recycling rate for the waste generated in our stores and DCs

Promoting goods related to conscious consumption and an environmentally sustainable lifestyle

Having 20% of revenue generated by products conducive to a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle

Fostering an environment that drives learning and growth

Offering equal training opportunities to 100% of employees
Filling at least 60% of vacancies by internal candidates
Achieving an employee engagement rate of at least 80%
Maintaining the minimum wage of full-time employees at a level exceeding the statutory minimum wage by at least 20%

Safety, inclusivity and diversity

Boosting diversity in our teams at all levels
Maintaining a «zero incident safety culture»
Offering access to physical and mental health support programs to 100% of employees
Training 100% of employees in diversity, inclusivity and anti-discrimination on an annual basis
Making 100% of the Group's online and offline stores accessible for people with disabilities

Developing local communities

Having at least 15% of employees participate in nation-wide volunteer programs at least once a year
Helping more than 2 million people through the Group’s charitable initiatives (directly and/or indirectly)

ESG integration into corporate governance

Integrating sustainable development principles into corporate culture
Disclosing non-financial information to enhance transparency
Maintaining a transparent and responsible supply chain
Developing partnerships for sustainable development

Data security

Providing annual training in personal data protection and information security to 100% of employees
Reducing GHG emissions

Reducing Scope 1 and 2 emissions in our own operations by 30%
Reducing Scope 3 emissions in our supply chain by 20%
Achieving carbon neutrality in our own operations
Достичь углеродной нейтральности в собственных операциях