Enrique Fernandez joins the Board of Directors of M.Video-Eldorado Group

23.06.2020 16:48

23 June 2020, Moscow, Russia. M.Video-Eldorado Group (PJSC M.Video, MOEX: MVID), Russia’s largest consumer electronics retailer by revenue and part of SAFMAR Group owned by Mikhail Gutseriev, announces that the new Board of Directors has been approved by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and will be joined by the Group's CEO Enrique Fernandez.

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of M.Video-Eldorado Group approved the following Board of Directors:

  1. Andreas Blase
  2. Pavel Yurievich Breev
  3. Eldar Rstamovich Vagapov
  4. Said Mikhailovich Gutseriev
  5. Andrey Mikhailovich Derekh
  6. Vilen Olegovich Eliseev
  7. Anton Alexandrovich Zhuchenko
  8. Janusz Aleksander Lella
  9. Aleksey Petrovich Makhnev
  10. Avet Vladimirovich Mirakyan
  11. Vladimir Vladimirovich Рreobrazhenskiy
  12. Alexander Anatolievich Tynkovan
  13. Bilan Abdurakhimovich Uzhakhov
  14. Enrique Fernandez

Enrique Fernandez joined M.Video as a commercial director nearly a decade ago. In 2016, he was appointed CEO of M.Video and successfully steered the company through its landmark merger with Eldorado. In the shortest time ever, he was able to complete the integration of the two companies that resulted in great economic benefits. Enrique oversaw the roll-out of an omni-channel model and a number of strategic projects such as the credit platform, the m_mobile brand, a mobile app and a platform for sales staff in stores (RTD). These efforts laid the groundwork for further digitalisation of the Group and transition to the ONE RETAIL model.

Investor Relations: Maxim Novikov, IR Director, Maxim.Noviikov@mvideo.ru Tel: +7 (495) 644 28 48, ext. 1425

Media Contacts: Valeriya Andreeva, Head of PR valeriya.andreeva@mvideo.ru Tel: +7 (495) 644 28 48, ext. 7386

M.Video-Eldorado Group (PJSC M.video) is Russia’s largest consumer electronic retailer uniting the M.Video and Eldorado brands in the market for home appliances and electronics. The companies’ total annual turnover exceeds RUB 430 billion, including VAT (FY 2019). The M.Video-Eldorado Group is the only Russian publicly-traded company in the electronics retail sector. The company's shares are currently traded on Moscow Exchange (ticker: MVID). The Group operates Russia’s largest online platform for consumer electronics and household appliances commanding a market share of over 30%. As of March 31, 2020, the Group also operates 514 stores under the M.Video brand, 504 stores under the Eldorado brand and 20 m_mobile stores in more than 250 cities across Russia with a total selling space of 1,451 thousand square meters. The Group has 100% online coverage in all cities of operation.