Sustainable development

M.Video-Eldoraro Group strives to leverage its scale and experience to introduce positive changes across the industry, nationally and globally. As an undisputed leader of the Russian consumer electronics market, we recognize our responsibility for future development of the industry, as well as formulation and use of best practice of responsible business. We deem it our duty to attract attention to sustainable development agenda and act responsibly as it’s of utmost importance for our consumers, team members and partners, and ultimately the environment and society in general.

M.Video-Eldorado Group’s social and environmental initiatives have been recognized by the market. To feel confident heading to the future and live at peace with the world, we strive to:

  • Focus on demand and preferences of our customers and other stakeholders;
  • Foster an environment hospitable for talented professionals and their further growth;
  • Engage each team member in creation of a more balanced, socially-conscious and environmentally-friendly business;
  • Provide affordable, safe and high-quality consumer electronics compliant with the latest standards;
  • Provision of goods and services in the framework of circular economy;
  • Build long-term partnerships with the aim to minimise impact of consumer electronics on the environment.
  • Social and charitable assistance to the most vulnerable groups of people.

Key Group’s stakeholders are its customers, team members and their families, shareholders and investors, partners, non-commercial organizations and associations, local communities. The Group seeks proactive engagement and open, respectful and mutually-beneficial dialogue with all stakeholders. We see it as our duty to regularly inform interested parties of Group’s news and developments, challenges and achievements in sustainability.

Our aim is leadership in sustainability and promotion of social and environmental responsibility through our every action.